Saturday, February 20, 2010


So.... I made myself a little itsy bitsy New Years resolution this year. I'm out to conquer sugar. Yup, no treats for a year. No cookies, no cake, no pie, no muffins, no soda pop, no candy, no chocolate, no jelly etc. Yes, sugar is in just about everything so I'm not going absolutely nuts with the sugar police. I still have a bowl of Cherrios or bread or ketchup, for heavens sake even oatmeal has 1 gram of sugar in it. It's been almost 2 months and I've only had one slip and that was a licked finger of jelly while making lunch one day for the girls. Ooops, old habits die hard. Anyway, just because I am riding on the insane train doesn't mean my family is following me down the same track. I decided to make myself bake the usual treats every week or so and sugar cookies during Valentines was no exception. I must confess that I did smell a few cookies several times but you've gotta give me some props for not licking a single frosted finger while decorating over 100 sugar cookies to the max. And when I say to the max I mean the MAX. We had chocolate and vanilla frosting, red hots, conversation hearts, m&m's, licorice and all manner of sprinkles. Cookies are my biggest weakness and sugar cookies with just a smidgen of frosting are my absolute favorite. I know it sounds nuts but I actually feel proud of myself for this commitment I have made. Now... whether this no sugar thing will affect the shape of my body I am doubtful since I have actually gained 2 lbs since I started. Go figure!