Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I know its sounds ridiculous but I take pride in my girls sack lunches. Ammah has been taking them to school for 12 years now and believe it or not...it's her choice. Now that she is a Senior I figured she would go out more often with her friends to local fastfood places but she actually prefers my sack lunches to greasy cheesy pizza and hamburgers and french fries. Maybe all my talk of calories, protien, fats and fiber are sinking in. The past few years we have decided to ditch the actual lunch boxes that come in so many styles and colors and have opted for the much prettier "brown paper bag". To show my love for each girl I often decorate their bags with pictures of hand drawn flowers, trees, hearts, their names, special or nick names and even once spelled out their name and what each letter meant to that daughter. Sometimes I stamp them and once in a while I purchase pretty colored paper bags. What ever they look like I hope they feel the love that goes into them every morning. I often ask the girls "Did you enjoy your lunch today?"

A list of the girls favorite lunch items:
1. Fresh baked muffins
2. sliced up oranges
3. cheese sticks
4. pb and apple slices
5. pbj's
6. carrot and celery sticks
7. apple juice boxes
8. home made soft cookies (some to share too please)
9. sandwiches with the works. ie.. mustard, lettuce, tomatoes and pickle.
10. any sandwhich on white bread (mom prefers wheat)
11. pretzels, cheezits, raisins and prunes (yes prunes)