Friday, March 18, 2011

Dance Class

This is Amelia's Dance class. She has been dancing with most of them since she was 3 years old. I ran in to their class the other day to get a class photo for the slide show during recital...It turned out so cute I just had to post it to my blog that I have not posted anything to in over 6 months. Oh well, better late than never.
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

It rained and poured for 40 daysies daysies. "Girls Camp"

I have been to girls church camp many times in my life. This year happened to be the wettest I have ever experienced. It rained each and every day. On this particular day.. we woke to the most beautiful sunny day and we were all excited for the sun to come out. Well, we did see the sun for a few hours but then all of the sudden it was pouring buckets and buckets of water. Forget the ponchos, forget trying to stay clean and dry. This was a day for playing in the rain. Serious.... they tackled each other and the leaders and threw them in creek beds that were raging and swollen with water. I only escaped because I had a camera in my hands (under my poncho and tucked into a plastic bag ) I tried to snap some photos of the chaos but the rain was just to much even for a quick picture. I did get this picture just as the girls were coming back to the cabin to change their clothes and get dry. We all changed and sat on all the bunk beds and sang songs and danced until we were dry enough to venture out in the rain again. This time with umbrellas and ponchos. There is only so much wet a girl can take.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

You only turn FORTY once!

I asked for it and boy did I get it. A few months ago as I was contemplating my impending end to my thirties I came up with a brilliant idea, I wanted to have a "40th" birthday bash. I thought back to all the parties I have had and realized that the last real birthday party I had had was when I was turning twelve years old. I had a big sleep over and was allowed to invite exactly 7 friends. My mom made up a big scavenger hunt that took us all over our neighborhood looking for crawdads, four leaf clovers and cow patties (all except the four leaf clover was readily available in our neighborhood).

At first I thought we might just make it a really big bash and include both Dave's and my 40th birthday and also our 20th Anniversary which is 4 days after my birthday, Dave's birthday is in December. He didn't want any part of "lime light" attention and so it was decided that we would celebrate my birthday only. We made up the invite list and decided we could invite 23 couples which included all my family, all of Dave's family and a few friends on top of that. We figured at least half of the invites would RSVP but much to our surprise we had all but 3 invites RSVP to tell us they would be attending. I was happily surprised that so many people could make time in their busy schedules to hang out with me for an evening. To say the least I felt loved.

Dave and I had a blast planning and preparing for the party. We needed the party to be outside and we hemmed and hawed about when we should have the party, since my birthday happens to fall right smack dab in the middle of "monsoon season" here in Arizona we were leery to have it in August. We decided to take our chances and planned the party in our back yard on my actual birthday which is August 7th. Dave put up pretty bulb lights and we added some lanterns and had a giant table lined up under the lights. We went with an Italian theme as Dave and I have always wanted to travel there and we love the food and music. The girls and I prepared most of the food the day before and the cakes and salad the day of the party. We made a tasty dinner of Italian bread and oil, salad, meatballs and spaghetti and I made these cute little yummy lemon and chocolate torte cakes. I had a blast making the food. Dave worked the kitchen for most of the party (he feels more comfortable working then being a host).

For entertainment I had my daughter Ammah play a song by Taylor swift called "Best Day" which is about a mother and daughter and I hired a professional singer to play more songs for us as well as play a song for me to sing to Dave. Since it was our anniversary a few days later I dedicated "The Way I Am", to Dave.

The weather had promised to rain that evening but the skies were clear all day and we thought we might be in the clear, unfortunately it did rain toward the end and we did get a little wet and moved the party to the porch and inside of the house but all in all we had a blast, most of the guest didn't even mind the rain and several of them ran around the back yard in it.

Dave and I had so much fun planning and preparing together. I think..... that all that planning was probably the best part of the whole thing. We spent hours looking at lighting and tables scapes and shopping at Home Depot and making table center pieces.. even the girls got into all the planning and prep work. They even served our guest and helped in the kitchen. Poor Amelia went up to her room before the party was even over as she became super tired from all her hard work at the party. It was definitely a family project.

My friend Scarlett took these pictures at the party and put them together in this fun little video. The back ground music is my daughter Ammah singing the song I requested from her. It was recorded by some friends of ours. Isn't she awesome. I am so proud of her.

*** You will want to scroll to the bottom of the blog and hit the pause button on the music box so you can hear Ammah sing her song.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Twentieth Anniversary

David and I celebrated our 20th anniversary on Wednesday night. We didn't have big plans but the night felt magical anyway. We started off with dinner at Chilli's, a movie and then home for a little dessert that I had prepared. I placed a plate before Dave and asked him to figure out what everything represented. Gummy Bears from our first date to see Cats at Gammage, chocolate covered strawberries from our honeymoon night and macadamia clusters from our honeymoon vacation in Hawaii. He had a little treat for me too as he brought out two cans of cherry 7Up, the drink we served at our reception. How sweet that he even found "diet 7Up" for me since I am still on my "no sugar" kick. We had a great time reminiscing and sharing fun cards with each other. I know it wasn't much for such a big anniversary but it felt just right for some reason.

Dave came home with 2 dozen pink roses for me. I advised he should have only bought 20, one for each year we were married. He advised the other 4 were for good luck. :o)
We shared a yummy dinner of steak and shrimp. It was the best steak I've had in years. We had such a great dinner talking about the past 20 years and all that we have done, accomplished and also what lies a head for us.

I can honestly say that our marriage has not been all "peaches n cream", we have had a few moments, months and even a few years that have been a little difficult, but in the end, I find much joy in our relationship. Dave is my best friend and has always been. I love him with all my heart and plan on sharing soooo many more years in matrimonial bliss with him. Happy Anniversary Babe.. I LOVE YOU.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Freshman , Five and Phlebotomy

Andelyn is now a high school student and Amelia is entering 5th grade. Sorry no pictures of Ammah but she did start her phlebotomy school last month, I'll see if I can catch her in her scrubs one day.

August 11th was all a buzz in our house as the girls were putting on their fresh new school clothes and checking to make sure their hair was just right. Amelia rides the bus to and from school this year and we are so close to Andy's school that she just walks. Yeah..... for the 1st time in 14 years I do not have to take a kid to school or pick them up. Seriously! Do you know how awesome that is??? Do you? Well, unless you have done as much pick up and drop off as I have done over the years you may not understand my giddiness, for those of you who know the route so well you can do it blindfolded and in your are gettin me right now.

Just wanted to share a few pics of my girls first day outfits. I loved the shoes this year and had to get a few close ups.

I love fresh new school clothes. Brings back tons of memories of my own first days of school. So exciting it always was meeting your new teacher and seeing all your friends after a long summer break.

Ammah, Andelyn and Amelia - God bless you in your school days this year. Do your best and return with honor.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Have You Ever??

Have you ever swam in a pool of chocolate milk? Well we haven't either but... Gila Box in Safford is probably going to be the closest we ever get to swimming in chocolate milk. "Gustav, save some room for later". No we did not taste it. Well. I guess I can't actually say that I didn't taste it because for some reason I couldn't keep my mouth shut while we were having a huge mud fight. I'm talking filthy, completely covered, mud in places you really don't wanna have mud kinda mud fight. I convinced my good friend Rebecca that we really should have a mud fight, because when else would we get the chance and our kids would never forget it. So..... I casually picked up a gigantic wad of slimy mud and pretended to be looking at something in the mud, as the kids came closer I let em have it and ooooh the fight was on. I think Amelia got the worst of it but she didn't really care because in the end she and Lilly were wallowing in it like little piggies.

The girls and I like to visit my long time friend Rebecca and her family in Safford every year. It's one of the highlights of our year. This year we visited during July 24th Pioneer Day Celebration. There were cookouts, BB Q's, swim parties, fireworks, a parade and we even squished in a few hours of baptisms at the new Temple. The Evans Family was in charge of a branch float this year during the parade and asked if Andelyn and Amelia would like to join in the fun. Scott and Rebecca were "Root Beer" floats and the kids ran around dressed all in brown and handed out root beer candies to all the parade goers.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Havasupai Falls

I would love to say that I was lucky enough to be part of this awesome trip Andelyn was privileged enough to go on but alas my expertise in hiking and rock climbing was not needed :OP This is the trip the youth in our ward were able to make for Youth Conference this year. It was entitled "Journey to the Promise Land". Fitting for sure. Andelyn said it was the prettiest place she had ever seen with her own eyes. They hiked down into the canyon at Midnight, 12 miles down and stayed at camp for two days. They hiked back out on the 3rd day in the middle of the night as well. They all wore head lamps to light the way. It's just to hot to hike during the day so hiking in the dark is almost a necessity. Andelyn loved everything about it except the two giant blisters she had on the back of her heels. Apparently she had the least of the blisters and I think she actually got off a lot better than some of the other hikers. Several of her leaders told me that Andelyn was an amazing hiker. She was one of the first to hike out to the top beating out all but 1 other boy in her group.