Thursday, September 9, 2010

It rained and poured for 40 daysies daysies. "Girls Camp"

I have been to girls church camp many times in my life. This year happened to be the wettest I have ever experienced. It rained each and every day. On this particular day.. we woke to the most beautiful sunny day and we were all excited for the sun to come out. Well, we did see the sun for a few hours but then all of the sudden it was pouring buckets and buckets of water. Forget the ponchos, forget trying to stay clean and dry. This was a day for playing in the rain. Serious.... they tackled each other and the leaders and threw them in creek beds that were raging and swollen with water. I only escaped because I had a camera in my hands (under my poncho and tucked into a plastic bag ) I tried to snap some photos of the chaos but the rain was just to much even for a quick picture. I did get this picture just as the girls were coming back to the cabin to change their clothes and get dry. We all changed and sat on all the bunk beds and sang songs and danced until we were dry enough to venture out in the rain again. This time with umbrellas and ponchos. There is only so much wet a girl can take.