Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Church Girls Camp "Lo Mia" Style

This is the conversation between Shannon and Brother Decker back in December of 2008.
Brother Decker: "Shannon, we would like to call you to serve as Ward Camp Director for Girls Camp this year. It's just 1 week out of the year. Can you accept the calling?".
Shannon: "Ha Ha Ha Ha.....1 week out of the year! Oh, you were serious, Yes, I can accept that calling". (Shannon under her breath)"one week out of the year my tushy".
About 10 meetings later and countless hours planning,selling See's Candy, sewing, purchasing, texting, calling, painting, delivering, photographing and praying, we were ready for our "one week" in the woods.
All packed onto our Greyhound bus and off we go.
Tiffany and Andelyn were so excited to go together this year.

Home Sweet Home. This was our cabin, not seen in this picture... our little roommate friends including, bugs, spiders, beetles and skunks. Camp songs lead by our 6th year YCL's and Ammah and Madi teaching 1st aide to all the 2nd year campers.

How lucky to get to attend girls camp with my two oldest girls this year. It was such a wonderful and spiritual experience. We had a great time and I don't think I embarrassed either of them even once.

CPR.. Andelyn practices how to resuscitate Edward if the opportunity ever arises.. Sarah Porter and her terrible flesh wound. Good thing we listened to our first aid teachers well enough to fix Sarah up. Last in the row of pics.. Our cabin girls, minus me taking the picture.

Skit night. Nough said. You just had to be there.

This activity was set up for the 6th years and leaders only. It's called 'The Flying Squirrel', we were attached at the waist to our harnesses, the ropes went up and over (through a pulley system) one rope and connected to an ATV on the other end. The "flyer" takes off running in one direction while the ATV takes off in the other direction. This pulls the "flyer" out and up to the top of the high rope.. It was exhilarating. So fun. Ammah and I both had a turn.

2nd year activities included archery and a zip line. Andelyn hit her target almost every time. She says this was her favorite activity at camp this year.

Amazing Race day. We ran around to all these different countries and had to complete interesting and crazy activities for points. We came in 3rd. Blowing bubble gum after chomping down on a package of crackers, tied up and getting to a destination, leading a blind partner down an obstacle course. The girls had a great time.

Water fight and more camp songs on the last night.

Sitting in the sacred grove getting ready to head home.
We were all sad to leave. I wanted to stay and enjoy a few more days with all the youth and especially my two girls. I feel so blessed to have been able to be a part of their camp experience. They are both such amazing girls. I was so proud of them for being leaders and friends. It's not an easy thing to take over in a leadership position when you are only 17 but Ammah arose to the occasion. I also became closer to several women in our ward and had so much fun making fun of everything and ourselves. What a hoot Sister Tuckett, Deanna Denton and Nicole Eagleston are.

Monday, June 15, 2009


After 12 years of school Ammah
has graduated from Red Mountain
High School. It has been a
wonderful journey. Lets take a
quick look from the beginning.

17 and 1/2 years ago David and I
brought our sweet little Ammah into
this world. It was the most
special day we had ever experienced.
What joy and happiness she brought
to our lives.

Our world revolved around this little girl.
We felt so blessed.

Many days were spent, trying to make her
laugh, talk, sleep, learn and love.

School days started and Mom wept with
sadness at how quickly life had
been passing by. It was time
for school and books and other people
in her life besides her Mom and Dad.

Ammah started reading with in 2 weeks
of attending Kindergarten at Noah Webster
Basic School. Mom cried that day too.

Ammah learned what fun was at a very young
age and always wanted to be doing something
or going somewhere special.

Rocky Point was the most "special"

place Ammah wanted to be. The
ocean and beach have always been
her favorite vacations.

Ammah started dance lessons when
she was only 3 years old and
studied tap, jazz and ballet
for 14 years. Watching Ammah
dance over the years has been
a privilege and a joy.

She has been able to perform
at many venues over the years

including parades, balls, Senior Centers
Disneyland, competitions and
the State Fair.

Graduation into Jr. High was
a big step in growing up. Studies
were harder, relationships with
both boys and girls were
formed and I could see the
beginning of my letting go coming
straight ahead.Cheer was a

wonderful highlite of 9th grade.

I love this picture of Ammah
and Amelia at recital time.
She is an amazing big
sister and loves Amelia and
Andelyn with
all her heart.

It has been so fun watching Ammah
turn into the beautiful daughter
she is.Shopping for clothes together
wasn't always the easiest adventure
but I'll always remember how proud I
felt when she walked out the door
in appropriate, fashionable attire.Her
last two years of High School were busy
with dance, dates, friends and group outings.

Senior portraits! So pretty. How
could the time have passed by so quickly?

Ammah has blossomed into a smart,
thoughtful, reserverd young woman. I'm
sure her Heavenly Father is well pleased
with her and all she has become.

Graduation Day. It rained.. no it poured
the entire duration of the ceremony.
I think it was very memorable. The graduates

seemed to enjoy themselves very much.
Congratulations Ammah. It seems like
an end but really it's just the beginning.
Here is to our new relationship as
parents of an almost adult daughter.
College here she comes.