Thursday, July 29, 2010

Have You Ever??

Have you ever swam in a pool of chocolate milk? Well we haven't either but... Gila Box in Safford is probably going to be the closest we ever get to swimming in chocolate milk. "Gustav, save some room for later". No we did not taste it. Well. I guess I can't actually say that I didn't taste it because for some reason I couldn't keep my mouth shut while we were having a huge mud fight. I'm talking filthy, completely covered, mud in places you really don't wanna have mud kinda mud fight. I convinced my good friend Rebecca that we really should have a mud fight, because when else would we get the chance and our kids would never forget it. So..... I casually picked up a gigantic wad of slimy mud and pretended to be looking at something in the mud, as the kids came closer I let em have it and ooooh the fight was on. I think Amelia got the worst of it but she didn't really care because in the end she and Lilly were wallowing in it like little piggies.

The girls and I like to visit my long time friend Rebecca and her family in Safford every year. It's one of the highlights of our year. This year we visited during July 24th Pioneer Day Celebration. There were cookouts, BB Q's, swim parties, fireworks, a parade and we even squished in a few hours of baptisms at the new Temple. The Evans Family was in charge of a branch float this year during the parade and asked if Andelyn and Amelia would like to join in the fun. Scott and Rebecca were "Root Beer" floats and the kids ran around dressed all in brown and handed out root beer candies to all the parade goers.


Alisa (Hanny) said...

We were there for the 24th, too! I saw your kids in the parade and we even got some candy but I didn't realize they belonged to you! We don't see them enough to recognize them I guess. My kids were in the parade in the barrel train. Too bad we didn't run into you...we could have sat in the rain and watched together! :)

Hey..what can I bring to dinner next week?

The Heaps said...

SO-MUCH-FUN! What an awesome mom you are...your kids will never forget those memories you made! Love it.

Colleen said...

How fun! I have to go there! And I think it is great that you're the kind of mom that starts a mud fight. I hope I'm that cool with my kids!

Evans Family said...

You are one CRAZY girl Shannon. I'm not sure that I agreed to the mud fight, I'm pretty sure that I just got caught in it:0

Having you guys come is a highlight for us too. Next year we'll think of something bigger and better! I think last years blog was a bit more picture friendly:-) I don't think any of us will ever forget that weekend though. My kids are still talking about Ammah singing. Love ya

Sarah Williams said...

LOL!!! It scares me a or dead fish could all be hiding in the mud! Love the music on your blog.