Thursday, August 12, 2010

Freshman , Five and Phlebotomy

Andelyn is now a high school student and Amelia is entering 5th grade. Sorry no pictures of Ammah but she did start her phlebotomy school last month, I'll see if I can catch her in her scrubs one day.

August 11th was all a buzz in our house as the girls were putting on their fresh new school clothes and checking to make sure their hair was just right. Amelia rides the bus to and from school this year and we are so close to Andy's school that she just walks. Yeah..... for the 1st time in 14 years I do not have to take a kid to school or pick them up. Seriously! Do you know how awesome that is??? Do you? Well, unless you have done as much pick up and drop off as I have done over the years you may not understand my giddiness, for those of you who know the route so well you can do it blindfolded and in your are gettin me right now.

Just wanted to share a few pics of my girls first day outfits. I loved the shoes this year and had to get a few close ups.

I love fresh new school clothes. Brings back tons of memories of my own first days of school. So exciting it always was meeting your new teacher and seeing all your friends after a long summer break.

Ammah, Andelyn and Amelia - God bless you in your school days this year. Do your best and return with honor.

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