Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Twentieth Anniversary

David and I celebrated our 20th anniversary on Wednesday night. We didn't have big plans but the night felt magical anyway. We started off with dinner at Chilli's, a movie and then home for a little dessert that I had prepared. I placed a plate before Dave and asked him to figure out what everything represented. Gummy Bears from our first date to see Cats at Gammage, chocolate covered strawberries from our honeymoon night and macadamia clusters from our honeymoon vacation in Hawaii. He had a little treat for me too as he brought out two cans of cherry 7Up, the drink we served at our reception. How sweet that he even found "diet 7Up" for me since I am still on my "no sugar" kick. We had a great time reminiscing and sharing fun cards with each other. I know it wasn't much for such a big anniversary but it felt just right for some reason.

Dave came home with 2 dozen pink roses for me. I advised he should have only bought 20, one for each year we were married. He advised the other 4 were for good luck. :o)
We shared a yummy dinner of steak and shrimp. It was the best steak I've had in years. We had such a great dinner talking about the past 20 years and all that we have done, accomplished and also what lies a head for us.

I can honestly say that our marriage has not been all "peaches n cream", we have had a few moments, months and even a few years that have been a little difficult, but in the end, I find much joy in our relationship. Dave is my best friend and has always been. I love him with all my heart and plan on sharing soooo many more years in matrimonial bliss with him. Happy Anniversary Babe.. I LOVE YOU.

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diana said...

happy 20th shannon!

you look too young to be married for twenty years already, good for you!