Sunday, August 22, 2010

You only turn FORTY once!

I asked for it and boy did I get it. A few months ago as I was contemplating my impending end to my thirties I came up with a brilliant idea, I wanted to have a "40th" birthday bash. I thought back to all the parties I have had and realized that the last real birthday party I had had was when I was turning twelve years old. I had a big sleep over and was allowed to invite exactly 7 friends. My mom made up a big scavenger hunt that took us all over our neighborhood looking for crawdads, four leaf clovers and cow patties (all except the four leaf clover was readily available in our neighborhood).

At first I thought we might just make it a really big bash and include both Dave's and my 40th birthday and also our 20th Anniversary which is 4 days after my birthday, Dave's birthday is in December. He didn't want any part of "lime light" attention and so it was decided that we would celebrate my birthday only. We made up the invite list and decided we could invite 23 couples which included all my family, all of Dave's family and a few friends on top of that. We figured at least half of the invites would RSVP but much to our surprise we had all but 3 invites RSVP to tell us they would be attending. I was happily surprised that so many people could make time in their busy schedules to hang out with me for an evening. To say the least I felt loved.

Dave and I had a blast planning and preparing for the party. We needed the party to be outside and we hemmed and hawed about when we should have the party, since my birthday happens to fall right smack dab in the middle of "monsoon season" here in Arizona we were leery to have it in August. We decided to take our chances and planned the party in our back yard on my actual birthday which is August 7th. Dave put up pretty bulb lights and we added some lanterns and had a giant table lined up under the lights. We went with an Italian theme as Dave and I have always wanted to travel there and we love the food and music. The girls and I prepared most of the food the day before and the cakes and salad the day of the party. We made a tasty dinner of Italian bread and oil, salad, meatballs and spaghetti and I made these cute little yummy lemon and chocolate torte cakes. I had a blast making the food. Dave worked the kitchen for most of the party (he feels more comfortable working then being a host).

For entertainment I had my daughter Ammah play a song by Taylor swift called "Best Day" which is about a mother and daughter and I hired a professional singer to play more songs for us as well as play a song for me to sing to Dave. Since it was our anniversary a few days later I dedicated "The Way I Am", to Dave.

The weather had promised to rain that evening but the skies were clear all day and we thought we might be in the clear, unfortunately it did rain toward the end and we did get a little wet and moved the party to the porch and inside of the house but all in all we had a blast, most of the guest didn't even mind the rain and several of them ran around the back yard in it.

Dave and I had so much fun planning and preparing together. I think..... that all that planning was probably the best part of the whole thing. We spent hours looking at lighting and tables scapes and shopping at Home Depot and making table center pieces.. even the girls got into all the planning and prep work. They even served our guest and helped in the kitchen. Poor Amelia went up to her room before the party was even over as she became super tired from all her hard work at the party. It was definitely a family project.

My friend Scarlett took these pictures at the party and put them together in this fun little video. The back ground music is my daughter Ammah singing the song I requested from her. It was recorded by some friends of ours. Isn't she awesome. I am so proud of her.

*** You will want to scroll to the bottom of the blog and hit the pause button on the music box so you can hear Ammah sing her song.


nicole said...

that was one of the best parties i have ever been to...we were so happy to be a part of the celebration. what a great slideshow...and how fun that you have all these great pictures to remember the evening. it was perfect, shannon.

oh, and i still can't believe you're 40! you look AMAZING!!

Tammy said...

Ammah's song was beautiful what a talent among being beautiful too.
Yes, I do cup cakes and cookies as a little biz, its been pretty busy lately. Meg cant help she moved to Cali, and Chels works and has busy little Graham with another on the way.
Everyone said your party was wqay fun, wish I could welcome you to the forties , but Ive moved on :( LOL.

diana said...

your party looked like fun... what a treat for your 40th!

and we just love "ammah's songs" at our house... my girls' request her songs in our car all the time and know both of the songs word for word.